Changing Lives: We’re Going to Disney!

Brandon Smith AllSearch Industrial Sales Recruiter 2020

AllSearch is a world-class team of 20+ professional recruiters dedicated to tackling our client’s challenging searches and determining our talented candidates’ best fit.  Our primary mission is one of changing lives for the better.  One of our talented Industrial Sales Recruiters, Brandon Smith, shares an intimate story of his proudest placement as a recruiter with AllSearch Professional Staffing.


Brandon Smith – Industrial Sales Division, Senior Recruiter


Favorite Changing Lives Story:

“It’s hard for me to pick one specific changing lives story that sticks out above all the others. It’s unique and exciting every time I place someone in a new role. I feel incredibly lucky to have a career where I get to help people make positive, life-changing decisions every day. Whether we’re helping someone get back to work or helping them take the next step in their professional career, it’s extremely gratifying.


If I had to pick one placement that definitely made me smile, it would be a recent one where the candidate told me that, if she got the job, she was going to take her son anywhere he wanted to go. Well she got the job and he picked Disney World! That’s the kind of exciting changing lives story that happens almost every day here at AllSearch and I’m thankful to be a part of it.”



What motivates you?

What motivates me the most are my two beautiful, smart, funny, kind, amazing little girls.


What’s the best advice for a job seeker?

The best advice that I can offer to a Job Seeker is to keep searching until you find the career that makes you happy. The one that you’re passionate about and one that allows you to have a good quality of life.


What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

“If you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth” -Rocky Balboa


Interested in landing top talent for your team or starting a new career?

Contact Brandon for opportunities related to Industrial Sales hiring needs and job opportunities in your market.


Brandon Smith AllSearch Industrial Sales Recruiter 2020

Brandon Smith

Industrial Distribution Sales

Senior Recruiter





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