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By Jason Connors, Co-Founder of AllSearch Professional Staffing – National Search Firm placing skilled Sales Professionals in North America since 2002. Yes, I know, there are tons of articles out there on How to Write a Resume.  But if you are in sales, there are more specific things you need to pay attention to, when… Read more »

  Serving the Property & Casualty Insurance Community for 15 years! Insurance Agencies & Brokers Insurance Carriers   AllSearch’s Insurance Division is an elite Recruiting Division, of AllSearch Professional Staffing, headquartered in York, PA.  Founded in 2002, we have been dedicated to finding and placing skilled and talented Insurance professionals all over the Mid-Atlantic Region. … Read more »

  On the ever watchable “The Wonder Years” TV Sitcom of the ’80’s, a young Kevin Arnold could never understand what his father did all day at work.  To be sure, visions of feet up on the desk, shuffling paper around, or barking orders from the corner office came to mind.  It only took one… Read more »

Quality Relationships are fading fast in this era of technology.  To succeed in business requires that you figure out how to build real relationships, get to know people, and listen. We all have Production goals…whether in Sales or any other role, industry, or job duty.  We are all in a rush.  We all feel good… Read more »

(York, PA) – AllSearch Professional Staffing, a rapidly growing national search firm since 2002, recently launched their fully enhanced new website ( This launch, on the heels of their move into their new corporate headquarters, is yet another strategic enhancement to create an ideal staffing experience for both Sales & Engineering job seekers and employers…. Read more »

(York, PA) – AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc, already headquartered in York, PA, is excited to announce a move and expansion of their corporate offices. This move is a much needed expansion in space to accommodate the aggressive growth that AllSearch has been experiencing over the last few quarters, as their internal staff size has tripled… Read more »

(York, PA) — AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc, a National Professional Search Firm, is excited to announce the addition of Pete Wisnom to their Professional Recruiting team.  Pete will serve as a Senior Recruiter in the Sales & Management Division, where his primary focus will be to work with our Industrial, Mechanical, Construction, HVAC and Building… Read more »

  3 Secrets to Acing that Interview   In strict order of importance: 1) Social Media 2) Social Media 3) Social Media   Okay, okay, that’s not fair, you were clickbaited into that one I admit.  Here me out though, for your own sake, PLEASE!  It truly is for your own good.   Seriously now,… Read more »

  People ask me all the time, with quite a bit of anxiety, what is it they need to do to stand out and even to just survive at the new job they just started? There is so much to focus on, so much competition, so much to learn…how in the world do I stand… Read more »

  8 seconds.  Don’t get the wrong idea now, we aren’t offering advice on the intricacies of professional bull riding. 8 seconds?!  That’s the average time a hiring manager will spend looking at the resume you took days to write, hours and hours more to re-write, and years upon years to build. 8 seconds, max,… Read more »