You found us a dynamite Territory Sales Manager last time.  We are very happy with the job she is doing AND we need another just like her!

VP of Sales

I love working for/ with you guys… I was definitely meant to be here, good things like this happen for a reason. AllSearch is shockingly everything I wanted in an employer that I didn’t know existed amongst the hardened corporate sales culture…

Current AllSearcher

I really do appreciate the absolute honesty from your team, and I cant tell you the amazing energy I felt in the AllSearch office. The culture of the company and the vibes in the office were just unbelievable.

Recent Interviewee

I need to go meet these guys and give them all big hugs!

New AllSearch’ers wife

Having worked with many recruiters over the years, both as a candidate and client, Brian and AllSearch were definitely a step above the rest; they were professional, excellent communicators, and a true pleasure to work with. I trusted Brian from start to finish and feel as though I have made a long term friend in the process. I highly recommend Brian and the AllSearch team and will be reaching out to them for my hiring needs in my new CIO position.

Dave, CIO

PS:  You still set the gold standard for recruiters.  I really appreciate your efforts.  Honestly you’re one of the few that really gets to know the prospect.

John, Director of Software Development

Thanks so much for helping her out, Brian!  You have been so great at finding positions for so many people I know in the past, you’re the first person I think of when a friend is looking for a job.  You are my go-to guy!

Dan, Software Engineer

The absolute top guy for technology jobs in this area is Brian Connors.  Brian put so many great jobs in front of me this year.  Eventually I just had to take one!

Mark, IT Director – Baltimore, Maryland

I really appreciate your going outside the box to accommodate my background and requirements. Each opportunity you presented me with was unique, and had my best interests in mind.

Greg, VP of Sales – Maryland

Seriously, I don’t know why more people don’t work with recruiters… a good one – like you! – can be so helpful with navigating the awkward conversations. Have a great!

Erin, Software Architect