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AllSearch Sales Recruiter 15 Year Anniversary


As we head into 2017 in full growth and expansion mode, I am very excited to announce that this year is AllSearch’s 15 Year Anniversary! As we hit this milestone, I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our success and to thank all the great people that have been a part of our success.

It would be easy to paint a picture that shows 15 years of perfect growth and success. But let’s face it, if you have ever worked for a small start-up company, privately owned with no financial backers, especially one founded by three guys in their early twenties, you know that things are rarely ever perfect. But what has been “perfect” has been our daily ability to make a positive impact on the lives that we have been able to touch. Whether that be helping great companies find talented staff that can help them grow, or helping talented professionals find that next great career option.  One of the key “missions” here at AllSearch is: To better the lives of the professional candidates that we work with / advise on a daily basis.

Honestly, despite all the success, what we are most proud of over 15 years, and what we get excited about each day, is the fact that we can directly help people changing their lives for the better. As work is one of the cores that drive our personal success and happiness…the fact that we can impact this part of a person’s life is something that we take very seriously. We take great pride in helping someone find that dream career and new professional challenge, helping increase income potential and earnings, helping to cut down on a horrible commute so they can be home more with their family, or helping find a better overall work environment for their life.

And so as we continue along in 2017, we are excited to roll out a social media program that will highlight some of the lives we have been fortunate enough to help change for the better. And instead of us tell those stories, we will have those people tell those stories in their own words. Not to brag about ourselves, but to properly thank, in some small scale, some of the wonderful people that have been a part of our success story.

Our fifteen year journey has included so many amazing things:

  • AllSearch opened branch offices in Boston, Denver, Baltimore and York, PA.
  • APEX made the decision to change its name to AllSearch to better portray who we are and what we do. (And because our owners didn’t properly research our original name well enough!)
  • AllSearch was very proud to be named as the Baltimore Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in multiple years, as well as to the prestigious 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States.
  • AllSearch was also ranked as one of the Top 10 Professional Search Firms, over many years, based in Baltimore by the Baltimore Business Journal.
  • AllSearch has successfully placed over 2,500 candidates with over 600 companies.
  • AllSearch has gone international, placing candidates in Mexico, Canada, Dubai, and China.
  • AllSearch placed a nearly impossible to find candidate in Fairbanks, Alaska!
  • AllSearch has assembled the worst company softball team, and losing record, in the history of company softball teams.
  • The AllSearch Team has made so many incredible placements all over the country, on some of the most challenging and hard to fill positions in the market! It has been fantastic to watch our placements grow into top producers and leaders at our client companies.

And while the company has had a ton of success over the past fifteen years, the reality is that all this success can be directly attributed to the great people that have been involved with or partnered with our company.

Professional Candidates – Without this group of amazing professionals that allow us to advise them in their career path, we are nothing! So thank you to everyone who has let us play a part in their career searching. You are ultimately the face of our company…and you have been a fantastic face! We enjoy being a small part of your success, and love hearing your success stories.

Employers – Sometimes through a great sales effort, sometimes through referrals, and sometimes just through luck, we have fortunate to build a large national client base of fantastic companies. We know you have countless options there…and are very thankful that you have turned to AllSearch so many times to help solve your staffing and recruitment needs. There have been some really incredible people that gave our small company a chance over the years, and for that, we are forever grateful. From our very first client, ZLC Design, to all of the national and international clients to rely on us daily, thank you so much!

Our Internal Team – To our current team, thank you for your daily hard work! This is a very tough industry…endlessly digging and searching the market for those “needle in a haystack” professionals that our clients need can be grueling. Thank you for coming back in, each day, to get back at the task of meeting our client’s needs! And to all the fantastic people that have worked for us over the years, we thank you for the time you gave us. We have been blessed over the years to have some many talented people work for the AllSearch Team. While we were not always the perfect home for everyone, all the people that have worked here have played a big impact in our long-term success.

So to everyone that has helped AllSearch along our crazy fifteen year journey, I wanted to offer a sincere thank you! We could not have done it without you! Here is to the next 15 years of success!


Jason Connors, Co-Founder, AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc.

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