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"Celebrating my one-year anniversary with AllSearch Recruiting and what an incredible journey it has been! I can't express enough how much I've cherished being a part of this exceptional and remarkably skilled team with amazing leadership! From day one, the vibrant company culture has fueled my passion, providing an environment where I thrive, contribute, and continuously challenge myself." - April, 2024
Laura McKenney
Laura McKenney
Manufacturing Recruiter


At AllSearch you are an individual, not a number. You have the CHOICE to work in office, at home, a hybrid role that blends office and home, or move across the country to your dream town!  Come to in-person team building, join a virtual trivia hour, partake in a group training wherever you are.  All while writing your own success story.  You have the Freedom in our “Work Anywhere Forever” model.

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Recruiting Tools Offered - We Invest in Your Success


Premium Resume Sourcing Tools

Company paid access to all the major resume sourcing sites including LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, ZoomInfo, Monster and more.

Optimized Job Posting – Inbound Applicants

Company paid optimized job postings to major job posting sites, driving candidate traffic to you!

Industry Leading ATS/CRM Systems

Access to a custom developed and highly integrated ATS/CRM system. Integrated e-mail, texting, calling with mass contact ability.
Modern Workplace Tools

Modern Workplace & Connectivity Tools

Company provides all the technology, equipment and tools that you need to truly be productive from anywhere!

In-House Digital Marketing Support

Industry leading in-house digital marketing team whose goal is to insure that candidates SEE you, your jobs, your brand.

Training Manager / Professional Coach

We have a Professional Coach & Trainer on staff, specifically to support the mental health and growth of our people.

We Sell, You Recruit

Tired of being asked to sell AND recruit? At AllSearch, we have a talented Inside Sales & Marketing team that does the cold calling and selling. Clients and job orders are brought to you!

Full Administrative Support

Accounting and Admin team handles invoicing, collections, and all other admin tasks leaving you more time to build relationships.

New Internal Openings

AllSearch is Hiring throughout the Organization, Join Us!
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Why work for allsearch?


What Standards & Metrics are Recruiters and Sales People held to?

Human beings aren’t all the same, and we don’t expect our employees to be either. Our culture and leadership style focuses on prioritizing what is right for each individual employee as much as possible. Although we do have data that shows us what it takes to be successful, the actual concept of success is going to change depending on the employee. Our approach combines using historical data of what makes someone successful here, and also takes into account the endless list of variables that can be different from person to person. When you interview and onboard with us, you and your Manager will define metrics that push you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

What is your Leadership Style? How do you coach on performance?

Our Leadership Team is committed to “Servant Leadership”. We’re here to support you, ensure you have all the tools you need, your skills are constantly being sharpened and we’re doing everything we can to keep you focused on your candidates and clients. We lead with empathy and understanding. Our Team is committed to growth from within the company so, our leaders not only know what it’s like to recruit and sell, they understand what “Servant Leadership” looks and feels like so they can emulate that to their team of people. Our coaching is very similar to our leadership style and how we hold teammates to metrics, everyone is different. We approach coaching from an individual and collective perspective depending on the situation. 

What does a path to leadership look like?

We are committed to internal, organic growth. As a small business, we value individuals that think like an entrepreneur, are intrinsically as well as extrinsically motivated, are passionate & hungry to make an impact. We’re building something bigger than a business here and, the individuals that rise to leadership will be people we trust to service the client, candidate and internal team well.

What kind of Benefits can I look forward to?

Our focus is on the whole employee. If you feel good, you have a better opportunity to do good things for our clients and candidates. It’s our mission to continually grow our benefits package as we’ve done for the last several years. Currently, our benefits include: Industry Leading Medical Insurance with a generous premium stipend for the employee paid by AllSearch, Dental and Vision Insurance paid 99% by AllSearch, Company Paid Life Insurance Policies, Simple IRA (401K Equivalent) w/ 100% company match up to 3% of gross annual compensation, 17 Days of PTO Annually (Prorated in Year 1) with PTO tiers that increase at 2 and 5 years of employment, 6 Paid Holidays, as well as flexibility and autonomy over your schedule so you can work in a way that supports you as a whole person. 

What do your compensation models looks like?

We discuss compensation in depth during the interview phase. For our Recruiter roles, we offer a base compensation along with a couple different commission plan options, both with uncapped commission potential at industry leading rates. We also offer various opportunities throughout the year to earn monthly, quarterly and annual bonuses through our employee recognition program.

How do you ensure growth & ongoing education for employees?

Our team is committed to ongoing education and growth. Our Leadership Team loves to learn and we do our best to pass that knowledge onto the team. Outside of the onboarding period, we also offer weekly small group trainings session to sharpen your Sales & Recruiting Skills, as well as focusing on more general topics like organization, communication skills and general business/ professional skills. As we continue to grow, it’s our mission to find outside speakers & educational opportunities for our team. We are always open to new ideas and opportunities to learn. 
Additionally, we offer an In House Professional coaching program that allows for employees to focus one on one with our Director of Employee Experience on skill building unique to them. This program offers an opportunity to partner with Morgan in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Working for a company that is doing good in their community is important to me, how do you prioritize social impact?

Being socially responsible is important to us. Prior to March of 2020 we were physically active in the community through our Paid Volunteer Time Off program. With the way personal interaction has changed, we’ve migrated to a model where our Teammates have the opportunity to donate to their preferred non-profit with each placement they make through our AllSearch Cares charity program. At the end of each quarter, each employee is allocated funds depending on number of placements made, they choose their favorite non-profit, and we make a cash donation in their name. Getting the money in the hands of the people doing the hard work of supporting our communities.

Do you provide opportunities to get to know colleagues outside of our primary responsibilities? How do you keep a team of remote people collaborative and engaged?

Covid has certainly kept us on our toes but, we are very active and focused on building our internal connectivity to maximize teamwork and collaboration. When appropriate we are offering in-person team building opportunities such as lunches, happy hours, bowling events, summer picnic and more. We have also worked to build fun and engaging virtual team gatherings as well including team trivia, other fun games to keep things light and goofy, meditation sessions and more. These events are always optional, which allows you the freedom to connect when it makes sense for you.

What is your expectation for working hours, breaks, personal appointments etc?

Our theme of flexibility and autonomy applies here too. Our team is expected to be responsive and attentive to their clients, candidates and teammates. While we do have rough expectations that you’re available during normal business hours, we also understand that the nature of our work sometimes demands a unique availability. You and your manager can define a working schedule that supports you as a person, and an employee.

How do you recognize good work?

Our team gives their all to come through for their clients and candidates. As individuals we all like to be recognized in different ways when we contribute to the success of the group. We like to let our full team know about the daily successes as frequently as possible through full team “shout outs” from leaders and co-workers.  We have a monthly award session that honors the Recruiter of the Month, the Sales Rep of the Month and the Teammate of the Month, where cash prizes and gift certificates are earned.  We also have a quarterly and annual recognition program that offers cash bonuses for earning certain production achievements.  We have an amazing annual kickoff meeting to share in all of our success as a team and to set the stage for the new year in front of us.  These are just some of the ways we celebrate our team!

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