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AllSearch Field Day Mike Bender Juggling

Fair warning, this post doesn’t follow normal business etiquette. But then again, much of what we do around here at AllSearch doesn’t follow normal business etiquette. I’m going to tell you how “the guys” (founders Jason, Brian and Mike… “the guys” as I lovingly call them) keep this team of people motivated to operate on the elite level that we do on a daily basis.


It’s super simple, and you’re probably going to roll your eyes because it’s not a new concept. But to be honest, even though this isn’t an earth shattering idea, not every business knows how to do it. So how do they do it? How do they keep us focused and engaged during work hours (and beyond)???   Drum roll please.  They do it by truly caring about their people, setting aside time to acknowledge the hard work we do, and by celebrating our success as a team!

Told you… super simple.


Seriously though, when is the last time you felt like your employer truly cared about you as a person? When’s the last time the person who signs your paychecks thanked you for the work you do? Acknowledged the fact that outside of work you have your own goals, aspirations, a family to provide for or a personal struggle that’s adding more to your already full plate of work and personal life? Because I can tell you that here at AllSearch, our owners (I hate calling them that, it sounds so stuffy and un-like them haha!) do these things on a daily and weekly basis. I’ve never felt more appreciated then I have here at AllSearch.


So please… pay attention business owners, managers, leaders…. Do something to show the people who work hard for you that you care. Buy them lunch, take a minute to ask and REALLY listen to how their weekend was, pick up a round of coffee on your way into the office, provide an environment that fosters teamwork, connections and comaraderie. Because when you do, you get a team like ours. A team that busts their butt to get things done around here. Team members that answer a client’s call at 5pm when they’re tired and ready to head out for the day. Team members that screen candidates at 6AM, 6PM, 10:15PM. Team members that do what it takes to close deals, make offers happen for candidates and go out of their way to ensure all the moving parts make sense. A TEAM that sees a common goal, “becoming the finest, most prestigious Professional Search firm in the United States”, adopts it as their own, and does what it takes to work towards that goal. When you care about your people, they care about you, the work that they do and the vision of your company.


… And the reason that prompted this post…




Some recent photos from our “Annual AllSearch Field Day” this past Friday. As a team, we cut out at noon.. threw some burgers & dogs on the grill, played a few rounds of cornhole, and just enjoyed each other’s company!


Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate our team Brian, Jason and Mike!  Thank you for caring about your people.


Morgan Thomas, Marketing Recruiting Division Manager

AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc

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