AllSearch Team Participates in Junior Achievement of South Central PA’s YES Day

AllSearch YES Charity Day.

(Feb 13, 2019)  Giving back to the local community is a fundamental hallmark of what AllSearch as a company stands for.  Helping local children understand and work toward their eventual career aspirations is one of the most relevant ways in which we can give back.  In early February 2019, Brandon Smith, Matt Skovran, and Alanna Cochran were all able to join Junior Achievement of South Central PA in “YES Day” (Your Economic Success) at Lincoln Middle School in Lancaster County.


The YES! Program is designed to introduce students to both career and financial decisions that will play a role in their future.  They rotate through various classrooms and activities to learn things such as: skills that will be high-demand going forward, what makes a successful entrepreneur, importance of skilled trades, what is branding, interviewing skills, financial goal setting and budgeting, and more.


AllSearch Professional Staffing is making a concerted effort to give back to its community, including giving each employee two volunteer days each year to work with causes such as these.  This particular event struck a chord because volunteers were able to use their professional skill set (recruiting) to teach kids information about the building blocks for their careers.  Teaching children the skills to gain meaningful employment affects not just them, but their families and their communities.


All three volunteers for “YES Day” come from backgrounds of extensive coaching in their respective communities, as well as volunteering with various non-profits in the Central PA area.  Years and years of working with kids made this event a natural choice for all three.


Brandon Smith commented, “my favorite part was the personal interaction with the kids and discussing their career paths.”  Matt Skovran agreed and added, “one girl wanted to be a physicist.  Others spoke of being artists, musicians, doctors, and veterinarians.  With goals like these, the future is bright for those kids.”


Alanna Cochran thought, “in a setting like this, you have one day to try to make a difference. You find the one thing that you can celebrate with them and make them feel good about.  If you can get them to puff out their chest, or make their eyes light up because they gave a good answer, or did something great, they will remember it.”


All three walked away exhausted from the day and very appreciative of the wonderful job our teachers do with the kids in our community.


AllSearch was grateful to be able to help out with “YES Day” and hopes to continue to partner with community non-profits to use its time, talent, and resources to serve the under-served.