Changing Lives in Insurance – A Recruiting Story

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Changing Lives.  That’s the real mission in Insurance Recruiting.  The true power of AllSearch’s Insurance Division, the true power in partnering with a true Insurance Industry expert to either guide your career or find you exceptional talent, can be summed up in this “life changing” story.


The Employer:  AllSearch is retained by a leading Insurance Carrier to help them fill an extremely challenging role on their team.  This position has been open for almost a year, and it is critical that this position is filled.  It is not a conventional role, but a tricky combination of Property & Casualty compliance, product development, and legal tasks.  This role also has an unconventional job title, meaning very few people are out there searching for this position.


The Candidate:  Through his professional insurance network, cultivated organically through 20+ years of work as a Marketing Rep for a leading national Property & Casualty Carrier, AllSearch Insurance Division Head Matt Skovran has connected with a highly skilled insurance candidate.  This insurance professional is ready to start an immediate career search but does not know where to start.  They are also in a very challenging situation for two reasons.  One, they have a unique blend of insurance skills, but not a conventional background that many companies are seeking.  Two, their family situation is changing, and they have an urgent need to relocate across the state to be closer to family.


The Solution:  By using his deep knowledge of the insurance industry, Matt was able to dig deep in his screening with this candidate, to truly identify their insurance knowledge and skills.  He also found this candidate’s pain points, and what was really driving their need to make a career change.  He was able to determine that this unique candidate, was in fact a perfect fit for this unique client.  Not by “matching” job titles, but by truly understanding the work environments and duties of each party.  Not only was Matt able to make the initial introduction, but he worked tirelessly throughout the process to coordinate travel and interviews, negotiate compensation, establish a relocation bonus, and even help the candidate connect with local real estate agents.


The Result:  An entire family’s life changed for the better.  A company’s urgent problem finally being solved.  Not by just finding and sending a resume…but by utilizing deep insurance industry knowledge to cultivate an amazing connection.


All too often in the Recruiting Industry, searches are performed by “generalist” Recruiters.  They know how to search keywords and to ask the basic screening questions.  But they do not truly know the industry that they are working in.  They don’t understand the actual work the employee will be doing.  They haven’t worked in the environment.


AllSearch Insurance is different.  Matt Skovran is a true Insurance Industry veteran, working professionally in the Property & Casualty world for over 20+ years.  He knows Insurance, he knows the right people, and he understands the difference between the Agency and Carrier worlds.


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