3 Tips to Enhance Your HVAC Recruiting Efforts

3 tips to enhance hvac recruiting

3 Tips to Enhance Your HVAC Recruiting Efforts

According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, the HVAC industry is heating up and is expected to create 13% more jobs from 2018 to 2028, much more than the average for all occupations. As the number of jobs grow, the already challenging hiring market will become increasingly competitive as the battle for top talent heightens. Attracting and securing sales and management team members will require a fine-tuned recruiting process where small details can make all the difference.

Today, Alanna Cochran Practice Lead for our HVAC Division is offering tips you can implement to optimize your HVAC recruiting process to stand out and attract top talent.

Tip #1 – Ensure Your Recruiting Process is Streamlined & Attractive

Your recruiting process can tell candidates a lot about your company and whether it is a good fit. Understanding how your process looks from the applicant’s perspective is important. To remove unnecessary redundancies and create a streamlined path that starts with an easy-to-follow inquiry process and continues through delivery, consider these steps.

  • Post a Job Ad That Stands Out – When creating a new job ad, be sure to include the primary responsibilities, the features that make working for your company great, and a reasonable salary range. This information will help candidates determine if the position is the right fit for their career goals.
  • Make it Easy to Apply – Candidates are exhausted and do not want to jump through hoops to apply for a position. Make the application process simple and only ask for the information you need to vet individuals.
  • Be Personable & Make Quick Decisions – During the recruiting process, top HVAC candidates will pay attention to what information you share, how excited your company is about the opportunity to bring on a new team member, how personable your team is, and how quickly you make decisions. Ensure all interactions with potential candidates are positive so they walk away more excited about the job opportunity.

Tip #2 – Be Open to Training Candidates

Lack of talent is one of the biggest challenges in the HVAC market. While the goal is always to attract and secure the perfect candidate that checks all the boxes, sometimes that is not feasible. A willingness to consider candidates with different backgrounds/profiles can open the door to an expanded network of top talent. For example, maybe a candidate has most of the necessary skills, but you would be responsible for training some of the skills they lack.

Tip #3 – Pay Close Attention to Market Changes

One of the biggest trends in the HVAC hiring market over the last year and a half has been rising wages. Companies that are the most successful in capturing transformational talent stay up to date on the latest shifts in the market. Do not be afraid to talk about pay and be willing to offer competitive benefits to get game-changers for your organization.

A Powerhouse Approach That Connects You with Top, In-Demand Talent

At AllSearch, our powerhouse HVAC headhunters live and breathe the industry every day and deliver value by bringing a deep level of expertise, understanding, and connection that is critical to help connect clients with transformational talent. If you are hitting roadblocks in your recruiting process, ask our HVAC recruiters for help! With a focus in sales, engineering, operations, and leadership roles in the commercial and industrial HVAC and building automation space, we understand the market and complexities and have connections to deliver you the best-matched candidates tailored to your hiring needs. Learn more!


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