Engineering Recruiting

18+ Years of Engineering & Technical Recruiting

Engineering Recruiting Expertise

The AllSearch Engineering Division is led by Senior Engineering Recruiter, Kim Arnold, who has 20+ years of recruiting experience, most of which is within the engineering realm. Kim and her team continue to successfully place top-level engineers across the U.S. Kim works with candidates ranging from recent college graduates to seasoned professionals. With 6,500+ engineering candidates in our network and counting, we’re one of the leading engineering recruitment agencies in the U.S.

AllSearch Engineering – What’s in it for You?

Our Engineering recruiters dedicate their time and energy into finding you the best talent and save you time and money in the recruiting process. Some call us “Engineering Headhunters” – we’ll take that as a compliment. We actively search the passive engineering candidate pool. Our candidate network is stacked with professionals who are not saturating the job boards and who are largely un-findable, but who are interested in making a move for the right opportunity – your opportunity.

AllSearch Engineering Recruiter Team Kim Arnold Brian Connors Brittany Bupp Rachel Folkenroth

Three Simple Steps to Your Dream Candidate

3 steps: 

Your staffing needs are unique; why settle for an underqualified candidate? In order to uncover the best fit, we follow 3 straightforward steps: Listen, Locate, Place.

  • Listen:
    Our Business Development team fields calls from companies across the nation. Rachel Folkenroth leads the Engineering Business Development Division. Call her today to review a challenging or urgent staffing need. From there, your job opening is carefully reviewed and assigned to the top recruiter based on your candidate profile, urgency, and challenges in the search.
  • Locate:
     The lead recruiter assigned to your search will follow up with a phone call to review additional details and technical skill sets for your ideal candidate. Once a full profile is identified, the lead recruiter begins the search. You will receive resumes within 5-10 business days.
  • Place:
     As we present you with candidates, open feedback ensures the team is on track and provides insight on what we need to keep targeting or adjust in our search. Once we narrow down your ideal candidate through a blend of our screenings and your in-depth interview process, we assist in the offer stage and place the #1 candidate at your company.

Advantages of Utilizing a Recruiter

  • Save time & increase productivity
  • Reduce new-hire fees via reduced risk of poor hire
  • Free marketing via your recruiter
  • Market research
  • Access to rare, passive talent

Improving Processes: Save Time, Money, and Resources

Hiring employees in Engineering, or any division, can be an added challenge to your already hectic workday. That’s where we can help. We work in the people business, so we know people. AllSearch Recruiters are skilled in navigating tough conversations, qualifying candidates, and seeing beyond the resume. At the end of the day, our professional skills benefit your bottom line.

  • Fast, Efficient Results
  • Save time in your hiring practices through our recruiting process. You will have instant access to our candidate database & network, key tips on best hiring practices in your industry, and current market research in our weekly client updates.
  • Review candidates within 5-10 business days of discussing your opening.
  • Lighten the Load
  • Hiring managers wear multiple hats within a company. There are many projects that take priority; recruiting and building a strong team of employees is one of them. We built a name for ourselves in assisting small, local business and major corporations with their hiring needs. Let us help you find the next best talent in the market so you can focus on internal efforts.
  • Guaranteed Work
  • We’re an extension of your HR team, a trusted partner throughout the hiring process. Should a candidate we provide you leave your company within a certain time frame, we will replace the candidate in the same role at no additional cost.

Typical Engineering Jobs We Recruit

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Applications Engineer
  • Quality Control
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Test Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer

Typical Industries We Recruit Sales Professionals For

  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • HVAC
  • Distribution & Supply Chain
  • Mechanical Service

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