Business Growth can only Succeed via Motivated People

Business Growth
Business Growth can only Succeed Through Motivated People


On the ever watchable “The Wonder Years” TV Sitcom of the ’80’s, a young Kevin Arnold could never understand what his father did all day at work.  To be sure, visions of feet up on the desk, shuffling paper around, or barking orders from the corner office came to mind.  It only took one day visiting his father at work, to understand how critical good Management is to the heart of an organization, but even more so, Kevin realized how badly the wrong people could affect his father.

Management done right is rarely the glory position, instead it’s about finding people who really truly deep down like to work hard…and sure, it’s about motivating, helping, serving, inspiring and mentoring people every single day.

At the core though, Business Growth can only Succeed through Motivated People.  All of the bookshelves, libraries, or Audible accounts filled with Management books, will do no good, if you can’t first figure out how to recognize, notice, find, and land people who have motivation to work hard coded right into their DNA.


Jason Connors, Co-founder, AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc.