Is it Time to Make a Change? – Andrea’s Story


Andrea Knew it Was Time to Make a Change


Do you find that Sunday nights are getting tougher and tougher?  Do you find yourself saying “Thank God it’s Friday!” and “That weekend went way to fast!” with a bit too much regret?  Is that Monday morning commute more and more of a drag?   When did the spark fade?  Do you even remember?  Is it time to Make a Change?


The story was no different for Andrea.  She wasn’t miserable, she liked her job well enough, good people, fair pay, etc…but something was missing.  It WAS time to make a change.


Make A Change
Andrea in the warehouse, checking out the Commercial Building Products she sells.

In Andrea’s Words…


“Before I was introduced to my current career, I worked 60-70 hour work weeks as well as every other weekend. The pay was decent, but I knew I needed (and deserved) a career that would allow me to have an actual work/life balance. I had to break out of my comfort zone and take advantage of my college degree… so my search began.”

And that’s where so many of us struggle.  Where do I Look?  What do I Say?  Where do I Post?  Who do I Listen to?  Who should I Avoid?

“I posted my resume on several Job Search sites and applied to numerous companies for several months. I was able to get interviews, but most of the jobs I had applied for were not really what I was looking for. I felt like I was wasting my time. Although I did not give up on my search for a new career, I grew very pessimistic about the likelihood of finding the ideal career.  That is, until I heard from Jason at AllSearch.”


And this is exactly where many Job Seekers falter.  “Recruiters are just trying SELL me, right?”.  To be sure, there are many pushy Recruiters out there, driven by Sales Managers and raw activity numbers, pushing their agenda, not furthering yours.  Without a doubt, red flags go up for many Job Seekers when Recruiters reach out.  That’s a shame.


“I received an email from Jason explaining who he was, what he did, who he worked for, how he came across my resume, and informing me about a great career opportunity that was similar to my work history. Initially, everything sounded great… a little too good to be true. To be honest, I thought the email was a scam. So I was skeptical at first and told Jason I would consider the opportunity (but intending not to look into this any further). A few weeks went by and Jason followed up to see if I was still considering this job.”


Thankfully, REAL Recruiters are on a mission to help people make a change that improves their lives, for the better, for the long term.


“Not only was I relieved to find out the company was actually real, but I was overwhelmed with excitement because this was everything I had been looking for! After knocking a few more interviews out of the park I was offered the career of my dreams! I received significantly more income, no more weekends, (actually) 40 hours a week, and two weeks of paid vacation. It was everything that everyone dreams of and more!   I am pleased to share that I am approaching my two year work anniversary and celebrating a recent promotion (which includes a company car, laptop, and another significant increase in pay)! From what I was getting paid at my old job compared to my financial situation with my current career today, my income has almost double- all because I took a chance!”


And THAT is why Real Recruiters like we at AllSearch come to work each day, to help, to improve, to Change Lives.  In the process, our candidates are not only excited and refreshed with their new job, new mission, and new start, but they often learn some really important life lessons as well:


“There are a few things I have learned throughout this experience with AllSearch that I encourage you to consider implementing in your life and when searching for a career: 1. Always follow up  2. Never underestimate who you are and what you can achieve and  3. Never question the knowledge and ability of a good professional Recruiter.  They know what they’re doing and I am so thankful to have been found!  Thank you for helping me let go of my old job and helping me find a career that I deserved!”


We are here to help you make a change, improve your work life, enhance your resume, search for the right job, or just better understand the market.  Reach out to an AllSearch Recruiter anytime at or 888-427-3977.