4 Insider Tips to Prepare for your Job Search

Chad Zeigler, AllSearch, Sales & Management Recruiter

You’ve gotten to the point where you can’t take your current professional situation. Maybe there are no more advancement opportunities, the company has made major changes and it’s no longer the right fit, or maybe you just can’t stand your boss and a change is needed. As Professional Recruiters, we are often reaching out to candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job. However, once we hear that you are interested in moving forward with the new opportunity we just introduced to you, you are now officially starting a job search!  Whatever your reason may be to pursue other career opportunities, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for process!


We come across many trivial things that can, will and have made our clients reconsider candidates. The list below is just a few tips to show professionalism in the way you present yourself during the process; even if you’re not directly interacting with the client.


Tip #1:  Make sure your voicemail is set up on your phone.

This is probably something that should go without saying but you’d be surprised how common this is. If you’ve made the decision to put your resume on job boards, expecting calls from recruiters or potential employers, it helps no one if they can’t leave you a message. Let’s be honest, how many of us don’t pick up the phone when we don’t know the number?


Tip #2:  Empty your voicemail box.

If the voicemail box is full, it’s the same as not having your voicemail set up! It also shows that you don’t check, or at least clear, your voicemails. That does not send a good signal to hiring managers. Not to mention, your perfect opportunity could be sitting in your voicemail and you have no idea!


Tip #3:  Be ready to make accommodations for interviews.

It is very rare that a company will do interviews before or after the workday. So, you’ll need to have a plan as to when you’re able to make yourself available for that phone call or face-to-face meeting. Commit to the hiring process, even the inconveniences that come along with it. It’s not uncommon that the most qualified candidate doesn’t get the position because he or she kept pushing the interviews until it was the “perfect” time for them.


Tip #4:  Update your resume.

Employers are looking for you to paint a picture of your career. That picture should be complete and up to date! Time after time we speak with quality candidates that tell us “My resume isn’t up to date. I’ll have it to you by the end of the week.” In a lot of cases, that is too late. Other candidates will have been seen and probably interviewed by that time.


These four points won’t guarantee you your dream job – there are so many factors that come into play. But they can be the reason you don’t get it. Employers look for intangibles and attention to detail. When you decide it’s time to enter the job market, be prepared!


Written by By Chad Zeigler, Sales & Management Recruiter, AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc.


About Chad:  After graduating college with a Bachelors, Chad spent many successful years as a high performing Sales Professional prior spanning both the B2B and B2C sectors to joining AllSearch in the role of Sales Adviser.  He’s been where you are hoping to go.  If you have questions about your sales career path, options, choices, Chad is always willing to listen and assist.  Reach out to him anytime on email or phone at 888-427-3977 x111.