What Makes for a Great Candidate Search?

Alanna Cochran - Senior Sales & Management Recruiter, AllSearch

As a hiring manager conducting a candidate search, you are looking to make a great hire. 


We all know that there are search firms out there that don’t deliver results, don’t have a good understanding of what you’re looking for, and ghost on candidates putting your reputation at risk.


So, what makes for a good partnership between hiring manager client and recruiting search firm during that critical candidate search:


  1. Be ready to engage in the search. If you are not ready for “go time”, don’t reach out to a recruiter.  We are in a candidate driven market, and once you are ready to start the process, you will need to be ready to move.

  2. Understand what your ideal profile is. Be ready to describe that background and what a day in the life looks like so that the recruiter can picture who you’re looking for.  Also understand what things you might be willing to give a little bit on.  Sometimes the perfect candidate doesn’t have the perfect background.  We OFTEN find that the best candidates are those that have all the pieces and are the most excited for the next step in their careers.  They are the most loyal to their next employer because they are so happy for the opportunity.

  3. Look at this as a partnership. As you start to receive candidates and move them through the process, give lots of feedback.  Talk to your recruiter about what you like and don’t like.  This will help your recruiter hone in on exactly what to look for so that he, or she, can really knock it out of the park for you.

  4. Be ready to move fast (see #1). This is a candidate driven market.  If you want the very best talent, you will need to move quickly.  You should still vet your people, but you cannot waste time.  You will lose to someone else, always.

  5. Give your search firm everything they need to sell you as a company. Good talent wants to work with good companies.  Tell them why a candidate wants to come work for your company.  What are all the unique things about you?  Your search firm should be trusted as an extension of your brand.


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