Changing Lives: From Passive to Praying

Hannah Kuhn AllSearch HVAC Sales Recruiter

AllSearch is a world-class team of 20+ professional recruiters dedicated to tackling our client’s challenging searches and determining our talented candidates’ best fit.  Our primary mission is one of changing lives for the better.  One of our talented HVAC / Mechanical Services Division Recruiters, Hannah Kuhn, shares an intimate story of her proudest placement as a recruiter with AllSearch Professional Staffing.


Hannah Kuhn – HVAC / Mechanical Services Division, Senior Recruiter


What motivates you?

People.  Making a difference.  Giving back to the world.  I have been blessed with the most wonderful family in the entire world and have strong roots that have given me such a happy life that I want everyone to experience happiness the way I do.  So if I can be even a smile to a stranger and maybe give them an ounce of happiness, I feel fulfilled!


What do you do for fun/spend your free time?

Basketball has always been my first true love, so any amount of time I can get with the sport is the best time of my life.  I am a lover of craft beer so I am always attending BrewFests with friends and I enjoy playing disc golf and being outdoors and also letting out my competitiveness in a poker game!


When did you start selling?

I honestly feel like I was born to sell, but I really figured out it was a path I wanted to pursue when I was at the beach and visited a food stand on the boardwalk that only accepted cash… I unfortunately did not have any cash, but reallyyy wanted a crab pretzel.  I told the man working the stand, I will get 30 people up here to buy a pretzel from you and if I do you owe me a crab pretzel.  I accomplished my task in about 5 minutes and got my crab pretzel!



Proudest Placement:

“Hiring can be a very daunting task, especially in a candidate driven market where five other great companies are going after the same talent you are.  My strategy on each position I work on is the be an extension of my client’s company and their brand so that I can truly capture candidates attention and create interest.


I was hiring for a client of mine and I knew I found the perfect candidate who checked off all the boxes and had the ability to hit the ground running.  After many, many attempts and voicemails, I finally got her on the phone and as expected she was EXTREMELY passive in even being open to new opportunities.  However, I was able to get her to open up about her current role and company and discovered some pain points that I knew could be eliminated by making a change and working for my client.  She decided to give it a chance and we moved her into the interview process.  Less than a month later she was shaking in her boots praying my client would be presenting her with an offer because she wanted it so badly!  Good news came and she had a standout offer which she accepted with tears of excitement.  Her words to me after a week of being employed with my client were, “You knew what was good for me before I even did, and I am so grateful.  This is the best career move for me, and I could not thank you more for your persistence and connecting me to my new work home.”


Because I got to know my client so well and was able to represent their brand, I was able to change a strong career woman’s life and almost 5 months later, my client still emails me to say thank you for her!  Happy candidate, Happy client, Happy recruiter!  How can I help you?”


Interested in landing top talent for your team or starting a new career?

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Hannah Kuhn AllSearch HVAC Sales Recruiter

Hannah Kuhn

HVAC / Mechanical Services Division

Senior Recruiter