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AllSearch Industrial Sales Recruiter Kelsie Bivona 2020 BW 300

AllSearch is a world-class team of 20+ professional recruiters dedicated to tackling our client’s challenging searches and determining our talented candidates’ best fit.  Our primary mission is one of changing lives for the better.  One of our talented Industrial Sales Recruiters, Kelsie Bivona, shares an intimate story of her proudest placement as a recruiter with AllSearch Professional Staffing.


Kelsie Bivona – Industrial Sales Division, Senior Recruiter


What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give a hiring manager?

In today’s market, you have to be ready to hire fast! The best candidates have multiple opportunities on the table, you can’t let them sit around for too long. The longer you wait to interview a candidate after receiving their resume or make them the offer, that candidate could be off the market or questioning if you are truly interested in having them on their team.


Who’s your idol/hero/inspiration?

My inspiration would be Dave Marsh, who was my head coach in high school when I was playing varsity softball. He saw potential in me as a player and as a leader, and he was constantly pushing me to be my best. He taught me to always give 110%, to keep pushing even when I fell down, and to have confidence in myself and what I was doing. While the speed at which I run from home to first hasn’t improved since then, I’m grateful for his mentorship. If you see this, coach, I hope I’ve made you proud!


 What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney



Proudest Placement:

“I have many great moments throughout my years of recruiting that I’m proud to share. The one experience that sticks out most in my mind was a recent hire at one of our top clients.


While helping this company build out a team, one of my candidates told me that I found him his dream job. He was thrilled to be part of a new initiative and have the opportunity to take his career to the next level. I’ve had a lot of moments in my recruiting career that have been my favorite (like when a candidate is so excited about a job they cry tears of happiness), but I’ve never heard the words “thank you” more than I ever have in this case. When I’m working with a candidate through the interview process, I’m just as invested as they are! “


Interested in landing top talent for your team or starting a new career?

Contact Kelsie for opportunities related to Industrial Sales hiring needs and job opportunities in your market.


AllSearch Industrial Sales Recruiter Kelsie Bivona 2020 BW 300

Kelsie Bivona

Industrial Distribution Sales

Senior Recruiter