Changing Lives: Going the Extra Mile

AllSearch HVAC Service Recruiter John Toe 2020

AllSearch is a world-class team of 20+ professional recruiters dedicated to tackling our client’s challenging searches and determining our talented candidates’ best fit.  Our primary mission is one of changing lives for the better.  One of our talented Industrial Service Recruiters, John Toe, shares an intimate story of his proudest placement as a recruiter with AllSearch Professional Staffing.


John Toe – Industrial Service Division, Recruiter


Favorite Changing Lives Story:

“My proudest placement was when I was working on a Trainee position I recruited for in the LA area. I uncovered an eager, junior-level candidate who was fresh out of college and looking for his next big opportunity. This candidate went through the interview process with a neighboring company by his hometown. He got to the final interview and unfortunately, they had turned him down. Although he faced rejection from them, he remained professional and resilient.


He genuinely wanted to work for the company. I was able to connect him to another branch 3 hours away from his hometown in Los Angeles. The hiring manager in LA reviewed his resume and heard of his past attempt with the San Diego branch. The client opted to do a video call interview with the candidate due to the distance. The candidate declined the video call and informed the hiring manager he wanted to meet in person at the LA branch.


His determination for the position was unmatched, he wanted to prove he was the best fit for role and could be a great asset to the company. Long story short, he received an offer! Never have I met such a fearless, determined, and professional candidate. “



What motivates you?

Knowledge, by being exposed to new challenges and overcoming them one builds character as well as wisdom. Also, the chance of helping people find opportunities to potentially create something that could be positively life changing.


How do You Spend Your Free Time?

In my free time I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. A huge part of my life after hours consists of soccer in my spare time. With a ball at my feet I feel complete. I also enjoy traveling and the outdoors. There is so much of the world to see!


What’s the Biggest Piece of Advice You can Give a Hiring Manager?

We’re in a fast pace market, every company is actively looking for the BEST candidate. If the candidate is the diamond in the rough don’t miss out on an opportunity to add value to your team.


Interested in landing top talent for your team or starting a new career?

Contact John for opportunities related to HVAC and Mechanical Services hiring needs and job opportunities in your market.


AllSearch HVAC Sales Recruiter John Toe 2020

John Toe

Industrial Service

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