Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do!

AllSearch Recruiting Team April 2021

Without a doubt, 2020 was the most incredibly challenging year I have ever experienced. There is no sugarcoating that. And as 2021 kicks off, we are still working through the challenges. But through the struggle, there have also been positives…a silver lining to the struggle. Professionally, I think that years down the road when we look back on 2020, we won’t see failure and struggle. Instead, we will see an incredible story of perseverance, persistence, teamwork…and maybe the greatest accomplishment of our lives.

Sure, based on 2020, we may not have won all the accolades that we have been accustomed to celebrating at AllSearch. We were probably not the Fastest Growing Company this year. We are probably not Inc. 5000 level this year. But make no mistake, we DID win this year!

  • We kept our team together. I am not embarrassed to share this. When I came into the office to get the mail, the day in March after everyone went home to work remotely, as I left that empty building that we worked so hard to fill with an amazing team, I shed a quiet tear in the parking lot. Completely unsure if or when I might see everyone again. But guess what, we survived…together!
  • Throughout 2020, we were able to add 5 amazing people to our team! Some who were displaced due to COVID, all who are amazingly talented and have grown our team’s ability.
  • Through our AllSearch Cares Mission, we were able to provide 100’s of pizzas and free lunches to our front-line workers and heroes in our community, during a time when COVID was hitting the hardest.
  • We were able to place hundreds of talented professionals all throughout the country. Many of these people who had been affected by COVID. People who needed to find a better opportunity despite the incredibly challenging environment.
  • We were able to help so many clients from a variety of essential industries find the talent they needed to continue their operations.
  • We learned how to continue our amazing internal culture through a virtual environment!
  • We set a company record in 2020 in terms of new client acquisition…believe that?
  • And on a very personal note…my son earned an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point and entered the Class of 2024. An incredibly proud moment for my family!


In 2020, our people came before profits. Because at the end of the day, it is our people who make our company great. And will continue to make it great for all the great years to come. I am so proud of the work our team has done in 2020!

As this incredible year comes to an end, I just wanted to take a minute to offer a sincere thank you to so many people that helped AllSearch. Thank you to our clients, candidates, advisors, bankers…but mostly our people. Our team. Our amazing group of dedicated professionals that have treated AllSearch as their company for as long as I can remember. Who stuck with us this year…through the hardest times…and who have driven us back to success through efforts and results that we couldn’t have dreamed possible facing what we were facing back in March.

To all the small businesses out there that continue to fight through this challenge, that are fighting for the jobs of the incredible people that support their companies, to provide for their customers…keep fighting! The end is closer than it has been in a long time…and better days are ahead.

– Jason Connors, CEO, AllSearch Recruiting


“Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do.”