When to Partner with a Construction Recruiting Agency

How to Know When It’s Time to Partner with a Construction Recruiting Agency?

How to Know When It’s Time to Partner with a Construction Recruiting Agency?

Today’s construction employment market is highly competitive and top construction candidates have their pick of opportunities. Many candidates receive two or three competing offers and must decide which firm is the best fit for their skills, values, and needs.

The ongoing labor shortage combined with fierce competition for current talent requires creative recruiting solutions. If your firm is ready to step up your recruiting game and find transformational talent fast and with ease, it may be time to partner with a construction staffing agency.

Today, we’re tapping into our Director of Recruiting and Sourcing, Pete Wisnom’s insights to help employers identify when it’s time to partner with a construction recruiter and how to overcome the market’s current hiring challenges. Let’s get started!

5 Signs It May Be Time to Get a Construction Headhunter in Your Corner

  1. Your internal hiring team is facing challenges uncovering and securing talent in the marketplace.

According to Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the construction industry will need to attract an estimated 546,000 additional workers on top of the normal pace of hiring in 2023 to meet the demand for labor. The significant increase in hiring means construction firms will be competing with other companies to find and secure top candidates. If your organization needs to identify and connect with industry-leading professionals, it may be time to partner with a construction recruiting agency. At AllSearch, our specialized recruiters will leverage our existing network of vetted candidates and cutting-edge tools and technology to find you highly qualified individuals for your unique positions.

  1. Your internal team does not have the resources to prioritize recruiting.

From supporting internal teams to strategize their staffing needs to candidate evaluation through onboarding, internal hiring teams must handle so much. If your team is feeling stretched thin and not finding the time needed to recruit, consider getting a specialized construction headhunter in your corner. Finding and securing industry-leading talent in today’s employment landscape is not easy and it requires a tremendous amount of effort. When your firm partners with a construction staffing agency like AllSearch, our primary focus will be to help you connect with transformational talent that aligns with your individual needs. From providing market information to allow for well-informed decision making to serving as an intermediary between candidates and employers to facilitate a smooth, effective hiring process, our specialized recruiters will be there every step of the way to provide support.

  1. Your recruiting process is not yielding successful outcomes.

An optimized recruiting process that focuses on areas such as flow and speed can have a major positive impact on your efforts. If you’re looking to update or revamp your internal hiring process to secure the very best talent in the construction industry, AllSearch can help. We will serve as an extension of your hiring team and expand brand awareness for your organization. Providing support in areas such as process organization and flow, time-to-hire, workforce planning, talent acquisition strategies, and employer branding, we can help you create a successful recruiting process to attract the best candidates.

  1. Your jobs ads are resulting in few applicants or unqualified candidates.

It’s difficult to advertise in a way that stands out from the crowd. If your job ads aren’t hitting the mark or producing the types of candidates you are seeking, consider how a recruiting partner can help. At AllSearch, we know what candidates want to see in job ads. Highlighting details such as pay, flexibility, company culture, and professional development opportunities will be sure to catch the attention of prospective employees. Plus, our team has in-depth knowledge of the industry and understands how other construction firms position their job ads, so we can help you develop a recruiting strategy that will gain visibility in today’s competitive market.

  1. You have major projects looming that require immediate staffing.

If you have large projects in the pipeline that will require additional staff, don’t try to recruit on your own. Partner with AllSearch and tap into our existing database of 160,000+ active and passive candidates that your competitors can’t access to help you fill all positions prior to the project start date. Working with a construction recruiting agency, even when you are not hiring or have major projects looming, can help you stay up to date on industry trends, job market fluctuations, and the availability of top talent. By maintaining a relationship with a recruiting agency, you can be better prepared to act quickly when the need to fill an open position arises, reducing the time-to-hire and helping to ensure the best possible candidates.


Top Questions to Ask a Prospective Construction Recruiting Partner

For construction companies considering a new recruiting relationship, we’re sharing a list of questions to help you evaluate the partnership potential and ensure there’s alignment with your individual hiring needs.

  • What are some examples of construction positions that you’ve recently filled for your clients?
  • Do you specialize in residential or commercial construction recruiting? Or both?
  • What type of outreach strategies do you employ to engage with candidates?
  • What tools and resources do you utilize to uncover active and passive candidates?
  • Do you work on a local, regional, or national level?
  • Could you provide references from other companies you have worked with?
  • What are your fees and/or payment requirements?
  • Aside from securing candidates, what is the value in partnering with your search firm?


When searching for the right professional staffing agency, it is important to partner with a firm that specializes in your market. Connecting with a recruiter who has in-depth knowledge and experience hiring in the construction industry, understands current recruiting trends, and has an existing network of potential candidates will be beneficial to helping you secure transformational talent quickly and with ease.

At AllSearch, our building products and construction recruiters understand the nitty gritty details of your industry because they have direct experience working in the positions they fill, giving them unique perspective and an edge to help you overcome the industry’s toughest recruiting challenges. Learn more about our construction division today!


Discover The Value of Partnering with a Construction Recruiting Specialist

At AllSearch, our specialized construction recruiters are focused on delivering game-changing talent through a process that reduces the pressure on your internal team, gets you to a better hire faster, and helps avoid the high cost of mishires. If you’re searching for a recruiting firm that can take your hiring efforts to the next level, it’s important to be proactive in your search. By thinking ahead, you can ensure your company is prepared to act quickly when you need to fill a position and can avoid the negative impacts of prolonged hiring challenges on your organization.

As one of the leading building and construction staffing agencies in North America, our specialized recruiters help clients connect with in-demand talent to fill positions from construction project estimation and construction project management to sales and more. For over 20 years, our recruiters have been digging deeper into the industry and have become subject matter experts on your niche, which allows us to support clients in finding, connecting with, and placing game-changing talent across sectors. Be proactive in your staffing agency search! Connect with us via our website or on LinkedIn to learn more about our capabilities, team, and if AllSearch the right fit for your recruiting needs.