AllSearch Announces Rebranding, Affirms Commitment to Customers

Following years of rapid growth and expansion, AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc., a leading national search firm focused on recruiting and placing skilled Sales, Management, Engineering and Insurance talent, is excited to announce a rebrand to its identity and mission that reflects a deep dedication to client success and relationships.  The new identity will be known simply as AllSearch Recruiting.  Coinciding with the unveiling of the new brand, AllSearch Recruiting launched a fully updated corporate website ( in order to provide a more user friendly and powerful user experience. The rebrand solidifies the company’s stance as an industry leader in the Direct Hire / Executive Search space, a company that offers innovative hiring solutions and unparalleled client service.


“Our vision is to be the most trusted, customer-focused, and innovative Search Firm in our industry, While ‘staffing’ has been part of our name since inception, that term more aligns with the segment of our industry that provides temporary and contract hiring solutions. It’s not a clear representation of what we offer. Our team utilizes innovative techniques and tools in order to find the best talent for our clients, allowing them to build powerful, permanent full-time teams. We take on hiring challenges, consult, advise and provide true talent acquisition solutions.”, said Jason Connors, Co-Founder & CEO of AllSearch.


The rebrand is not just cosmetic as AllSearch has spent the past few years evolving and improving their service offerings, abilities and tools with the mission to become a “first in class” level recruiting service provider to companies who are looking for the type of key talent resources capable of taking ownership of major company roles.


“We continually strive to be better at everything that we do, every day, for every client. Our team has evolved and developed in such positive ways over the last few years. This new identity, new look, and enhanced mission represents our current team in a much stronger, more accurate light.”, said Kyle Hullmann, Director of Business Development


In the past, the phrase “staffing firm” was followed with an idea of quick fills, temporary or contract placements, and minimal to no partnership built between client and company. This is another prime example of why AllSearch felt a change was needed to their name and overall appearance in the market. AllSearch Recruiting values building win-win relationships with their clients in the local market, nationwide, and overseas.  AllSearch takes on very serious and complex talent search necessary to, for example, rejuvenate an entire sales team, or re-tool a clients entire manufacturing production line, or develop entirely new distribution and supply chains.  Said simply, they step up their clients specialty sales and production teams to a new and higher level.


“It’s been almost 15 years since we’ve updated AllSearch’s look and feel in a significant way. The time was right to modernize, streamline and simplify our brand identity”, said Brian Connors, Co-Founder & COO, who helped lead the rebranding evolution alongside Rachel Folkenroth, Sales & Marketing Rep. and Alicia Smith, Recruiter & Marketing Rep.


Founded in 2002 by Brian P. Connors, Jason E. Connors and Michael L. Bender, and headquartered in York County, PA for the past 10 years, AllSearch is a privately held direct hire recruiting firm. AllSearch recruits and places skilled professionals on a direct hire basis in the fields of Sales & Management, Engineering, Insurance and Information Technology. AllSearch has a national reach, recruiting and placing skilled professionals in nearly every state and major market in the US, as well as internationally in Europe, Canada, Mexico and South America.


Jason E. Connors, CEO
AllSearch Recruiting

Jason E. Connors