Best Practices For A Work From Home Day


Best Practices For A Work From Home Day 

We conducted our AllSearch Recruiting Team of 30+ experts to see how they have a successful work from home day. Working remotely has been something that has changed all of us since COVID-19 began back in 2020, and now remote working is something that now 59% of US Americans do every single day according to, Pew Research Center.

Here are five tips that were compiled from AllSearch Recruiting’s experts that help them have a successful work day from home.

1. Private work space/ setting your space up for success i.e. making it feel like your at an office, keeping an organized and clean desk, and putting your work desk somewhere else in your home that is not your bedroom.

2. Dressing the part, dressing like you are heading into the office, wearing shoes instead of socks or slippers, and getting into the work mindset.

3. Time Blocking or Setting a Timer to help schedule out your day in the tasks that you need to get done.

4. Staying connected to your co workers by messaging, or video calling them to feel engaged within the work space.

5. Taking breaks throughout the day and making sure that you plan those into your work load so you have a moment to debrief and not over work yourself.


At AllSearch you are an individual, not a number. You have the CHOICE to work in office, at home, a hybrid role that blends office and home, or move across the country to your dream town!  Come to in-person team building, join a virtual trivia hour, partake in a group training wherever you are.  All while writing your own success story.  You have the Freedom in our “Work Anywhere Forever” model.


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