3 Things You NEED On Your Resume


The 3 Things You NEED On Your Resume

We consulted our AllSearch Team of 30+ experts about what should always be on your resume. The obvious ones being, your name and contact information, a short but concise list of relevant tools and skills you have, and your education or professional experience you have had in the past. These combined with an organized structure / flow will ensure you to be at least looked at by the hiring manager.

Here are three more tips that will help boost your resume and get you considered for your desired position.

  1. Numbers and Achievements – Showcasing the basic responsibilities of a job does little to sell yourself. Be sure to include as many numbers  and accolades as possible as these pop off the page. This could $ of accounts handled, $ in savings or revenue, % of change, and/or awards and achievements earned. By demonstrating that you make an impact, your are more likely to be considered.
  2. Certifications – Being able to showcase your accomplishments and what you are certified in will attract the recruiter to see you as a valuable candidate to bring to the hiring manager. In addition, many Recruiters will use these certifications as search terms when they are looking for you online. By adding these to your resume, you are able to both showcase your talents and make it easier for employers to find you!
  3. Previous Employers Information – More than just the name of the company, add a small blurb under the employer’s name with a quick description of the company’s industry, product or service. This is beneficial to a recruiter when it comes to relocation or if the company you worked at previously is not a household / industry name. It allows them to easily access your previous employment and make sure you are the exact right fit for this type of role you are applying for.
Bonus Tip!

Make sure your LinkedIn Profile matches your resume with 100% accuracy. This will create cohesiveness and make you appear like an organized and stellar candidate to a recruiter AND to the hiring manager. So make sure your experience is up to date, your resume on your LinkedIn profile matches the one you have sent in, and that any certifications you may have are mirroring your LinkedIn Profile and your resume. No bigger red flag to an employer than conflicting dates, jobs and education on a candidate’s resume versus LinkedIn profile!

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