Top 5 Tips for Recruiting in A Candidate-Driven Market

AllSearch Recruiting - Tips for Recruiting in a Candidate Driven Market

Top 5 Tips for Recruiting in A Candidate-Driven Market

In the current employment landscape, candidates have the power. With more job openings than qualified, industry-leading candidates to fill the positions, taking the time to evaluate your job postings and recruiting processes is important. Looking at your recruiting and onboarding efforts through your target candidates’ eyes and asking yourself questions like “would I want to work for my company?” and “how is the candidate experiencing my company in the beginning stages?” can make all the difference in connecting with top talent.

At AllSearch Recruiting, our team of nearly 40 recruiting professionals brings over 300 years of combined recruiting experience and expertise in a variety of industries. Today, we’re tapping into our Senior HVAC Recruiter, Alanna Cochran’s insights to share tips for attracting the best candidates and providing them with an exceptional interview process to ensure you can secure talent and fill your high-priority positions in a candidate-driven market. Let’s jump in!

Tip #1 – Understand Your Market

Before starting the recruitment process, it’s important to have a clear picture of your ideal candidate. Make a wish list with key attributes the candidate will need to possess as well as any dealbreakers. This will help guide the process and make it easier to vet applicants.

Additionally, knowing the ins and outs of the hiring landscape for your industry will be critical in a candidate-driven market. You will need to understand salary, commission, bonus structures, and the like for both the market as a whole and the positions for which you are hiring. Often, candidates will be speaking with other companies, so having a competitive offer ready when you find the right fit will be key. Determine in advance what you are willing to compromise on in order to make the best hire for your team.

At AllSearch, our specialized recruiters each focus on a specific industry, giving them deep knowledge, connections, and an edge when it comes to supporting clients. If you’re recruiting for roles in manufacturing, plastics, construction and building materials, HVAC and mechanical services, wholesale and distribution, facilities management, or insurance, get in touch with one of our industry-leading recruiters to dig deeper into the details of your market’s employment landscape.

Tip #2 – Post a Great Job Advertisement

When developing a job ad, it’s important to think about both your company and the candidate. The job ad should not only sell your company, culture, the role, and compensation, but also help the candidate gain an understanding of what they will get out of the position. Be sure to include a brief description of the day-to-day duties and weave in the great parts about your company culture. For example, do you offer fun, team-building activities? Is there room for advancement and if so, what does that look like? Don’t forget to think about the candidate and what they want to see in a job ad and get out of a new career opportunity.

Though some employers are nervous to put it out there, including a salary range and details about any bonus and commission structure with your job posting is highly recommended. This is information candidates want to know to qualify the role and ultimately, it will provide you with individuals who are the best fit for what you’re looking for.

At AllSearch, we’re here for our clients through every step of the recruiting process, including developing and posting job ads. Reach out to see how we can put our deep industry visibility to work to help you take your postings to the next level.

Tip #3 – Embody & Talk About Your Culture & Values

According to Forbes, 35% of American workers would turn down a job that was the perfect fit if the organizational culture clashed with their values. During the recruitment process, it is important to show candidates who you really are. Make the conversations easy and comfortable. Make the candidate feel at home in your organization. Embody your company culture. Prospective employees can tell from the interview process how your company works and if your organizational culture will be the right fit.

Through all phases of the hiring process, it’s important to let your culture and values shine through. This allows a prospective employee to understand what their experience as a member of the team would look like. Do you offer flexible schedules or hybrid work models? Do you host company picnics or events to foster a family atmosphere? Find opportunities to shine a spotlight on what sets your company culture apart.

Tip #4 – Think About the Candidate Experience

Providing an exceptional candidate experience is a critical component throughout the recruitment and onboarding process. Our recruiters have seen and heard it all from candidates being required to meet with a huge lineup of people to intricate role-playing techniques during interviews. Put yourself in your candidates’ shoes and ask yourself the impression those tasks would leave when you walked away from the interview experience. The goal should be to make candidates feel at ease so they can be themselves. As a hiring manager it’s important to see who someone truly is so you can determine if they are a good fit for your company, position, and culture. Providing candidates with an exceptional experience and perception of your company is the most important part of recruiting!

Tip #5 – Make Good, But Fast, Decisions

The best candidates often have their pick of jobs and get scooped up quickly. The flow and speed of your hiring process can make all the difference. If you like a candidate, don’t wait to pursue them! Have a plan before you begin for how you’ll evaluate and make decisions. The hiring market is competitive, candidates have options, and they aren’t likely to wait around for days or weeks to hear from you.  People respect companies that communicate with them throughout the process, show they are interested, and make a decision quickly. So, while it’s important to make the right decision, it’s also important to be prepared to make it efficient when the right candidate comes along.

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