Take the Interview! 6 Reasons to NEVER Turn Down Opportunity

Take the Interview! Take the Shot!

If you have reached the point in your career where you feel that the time has come to consider making a move…then this advice is for you.  Explore every possible career opportunity.  Explore every opportunity!  Take the Interview.  Take the shot!  Being employed is often the absolute best time to start a search.  Why?  Because… Read more »

Is it Time to Make a Change? – Andrea’s Story

.. Andrea Knew it Was Time to Make a Change   Do you find that Sunday nights are getting tougher and tougher?  Do you find yourself saying “Thank God it’s Friday!” and “That weekend went way to fast!” with a bit too much regret?  Is that Monday morning commute more and more of a drag?  … Read more »

Ace that Sales Interview – Prepare, Perform, Close!

Interview Tips

Ace that Sales Interview – Prepare, Perform, Close! You just found that dream job posting!  You can’t wait to apply.  You know this is a perfect match!  Great professional sales background.  Check!  Fantastic, well written resume that highlights your experience.  Check!  Sent your resume to that perfect position and got the call for an interview. … Read more »

Quality Relationships Matter the Most

Quality Relationships are fading fast in this era of technology.  To succeed in business requires that you figure out how to build real relationships, get to know people, and listen. We all have Production goals…whether in Sales or any other role, industry, or job duty.  We are all in a rush.  We all feel good… Read more »