Hiring Is Hard – Landing the Right Candidate


Hiring Managers, if a candidate does well in your interview and is a reasonable fit for your opening, and they want to join your team, my advice is, make them an offer. In today’s insane talent market, you absolutely can not “keep a candidate warm”. They will be gone. And they will be gone by tomorrow. It is not “kind of” a job seekers market…it is the biggest “job seeker” market I have ever seen in 20+ years in this industry.


So here is the brutally honest truth, you are NOT the only game in town.  Far from it.  No matter how great you think your company is, no matter how unique you think your company and position is, no matter how desperate you think people are to come work for you, there is always another company with a great offering out there…that is moving faster.


My advice, our advice, any Recruiter’s advice to you…today is not the day to wait for the next best candidate…when you have a pretty good match sitting in front of you. Make the offer, make a strong offer, and get that vacancy filled!” Jason says. 


Let’s face it, if you have found yourself in charge of hiring talent for your organization over the past few months, you have seen this first hand…HIRING IS HARD.  And really, hiring is always a challenge no matter what the candidate market is.


You have to find talent, secure conversations, ask the right questions, trust the answers are true, wrangle other hiring managers for follow up meetings, fight off the competition, make a solid offer, hope the candidate accepts, then hope they actual start on their first day.  But today, with extremely low unemployment rates, a market that is an extreme candidate market, and the challenges brought on by the continued effects of COVID, HIRING IS just HARD!


Since we all agree that hiring IS hard, the last thing us Recruiters and Hiring Manager want to do is make it HARDER!  I get it, you have your process.  But times have changed.  Hiring is harder.  There is WAY more competition for FAR less available talent.  Change YOUR PROCESS to match today’s market…and win the war for talent more often!


And to a candidate, SPEED is important.  It shows them who is truly interested in them.  It helps them navigate the process of looking for a job while currently employed much easier.  Speed of process shows the candidate that you value and respect their time.


In different times, and different job market conditions, that can sound like a “sales pitch” coming from a 3rd party Recruiter. I promise you, today, it is not.


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