Recruitment Marketing: Activate Your Brand


Recruitment Marketing has become the newest way to activate your brand as a company and get noticed more by candidates. In an article written by Roy Maurer, he discussed with SmashFly’s Mike Hennessy about the importance of Recruitment Marketing to promote your companies brand for both SEO and candidate purposes. Hennessy begins by explaining what it is,

“Recruitment marketing is every tactic—including content marketing, e-mail nurturing, social recruiting, mobile recruiting, the careers site, SEO [search engine optimization], employee referrals, talent networks, job marketing, employer branding, recruiting events, recruiting analytics and candidate relationship management (CRM)—that talent acquisition team members use to promote their employer brand message so that they can more successfully find, attract, engage and nurture leads and ultimately convert them into applicants. Organizations that employ recruitment marketing techniques can generate three times more leads, 10 percent greater revenue and a 100 percent higher close rate.” Hennessy said.

He then goes on to explain why more companies need to push this strategy in order to be successful and find the right talent for your business.

“Every successful organization has a sales function and a marketing function, and we believe every modern recruiting organization needs both recruiting and recruitment marketing functions to successfully attract, build relationships with and hire the right-fit talent in today’s competitive market. You can’t have great hires without great applicants, and you can’t have great applicants without great leads. When a company can’t find and ultimately hire the right people, productivity goes down, quality decreases, innovation slows, the corporate culture goes to pot, the best people leave and market share is lost. It’s a swift decline that leads to corporate extinction.
How do companies find the right people at the right time? Having a strategic recruitment marketing practice in place will help build relationships with candidates early. Nurturing those relationships over time is so important because you don’t know when they’ll be ready, and they don’t know when the time will be right, if ever.” Hennessy says.

Read the full article here to learn more about the ways that this technique can step up your brand and your companies business.


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