4 Tips for Hiring Managers Working with a Search Firm


AllSearch Recruiting’s Manufacturing Division delivers professional talent to companies throughout the country. With a combined 80+ years of experience between 6 Recruiters, these seasoned veterans have worked through multiple changes in market conditions and have their fingertips on the pulse of hiring.

We asked 4 of these Recruiters, what advice would you give Hiring Managers in the ultra-candidate driven market of 2022?


Kim Arnold is a Senior Manufacturing Recruiter with 25+ years of recruiting experience. She is committed to investing time with clients and candidates for an effective recruitment process.

Work with a Consultant, not a Vendor!

The Search Firm should be able to give advice on market conditions, compensation analysis, interview process, and establish a timeline for reporting feedback as the search is executed.  The success of a search begins with a thorough intake call and establishing a partnership. These calls should range from 30-60 minutes depending on the complexity and responsibilities of the role as well as other factors. The information shared about all aspects of the position, company, ideal profile, and interview process sets the tone for the success of the search. Learning a key detail or having to fully adjust 3 weeks into a search can reset back to day 1 and be frustrating for all parties. Oftentimes, Search Firms that do not ask the tough questions upfront will leave a Hiring Manager ‘ghosted’ after a few weeks of minimal results.


Mary Powell is a a Senior Manufacturing Recruiter with over 15 years of experience. She takes the time to work with her clients and candidates that fits exactly with our AllSearch Mission and Values.

Be Aggressive with A+ Talent!

When you have a candidate that you like, be aggressive. If the Search Firm delivers an A+ candidate willing to interview with you, they are most likely interviewing elsewhere and you do not want to miss your opportunity to bring them onboard. Delays in feedback, interview process and the offer stage can leave you in the dust while that A+ talent accepts an offer with your competitor. In the past year, we have had numerous cases where a Finalist ‘checked all the boxes’ but the Hiring Manager wants to see more profiles. Ultimately, they lose the Finalist and it could be months before another A+ player with a niche skillset can be delivered.


Tim Frick is one of our Senior Manufacturing recruiters with 20+ years experience delivering high level talent. Tim’s expertise is differentiated by his thorough knowledge of Plastics Manufacturing processes including multiple types of Plastic Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Profile & Sheet Extrusion, Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming, Packaging, and other processes.

Time is money and communication is key.

The longer a position stays open, the longer a company/hiring manager/employees are being affected which costs dollars and can even dampen morale causing turnover. Establishing a clear communication via detailed feedback can shave weeks off of a search. By being able to adjust the search parameters within hours, not days/weeks, the Recruiter can quickly zero in on the ideal profile.


Mike Santoro is a a Senior Manufacturing Recruiter with over 12 years of experience. He actually is known as the “Black Belt in Internet Recruitment with a passion for the Science of Sourcing & the Art of Recruiting.”

Establish a realistic timeline!

Sure, everyone wants to have their position filled by tomorrow, but in the passive candidate market of 2022 it is taking many more hours of work to successfully execute a search. Factoring in time for thorough candidate identification/attraction/engagement, a company’s interview process, a 2 week notice for the candidate’s current employer, you will realize that an average search will take at least 6 weeks from intake call to start date. Candidate attraction and engagement has never been more challenging, and maintaining a realistic timeline with clear communication will lead to the ultimate goal: filling the position.


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