3 Things to NEVER Have on Your Resume


We consulted our AllSearch Team of 30+ experts of what should never be on your resume. The obvious ones being misspelling, personal information (Age, Martial Status, # of Children, etc.) as these are irrelevant to how qualified you are, and an improper resume file name.

Here are the three most common mistakes that will eliminate you from consideration.

  1. Picture – Space on a resume is so valuable. The real estate that a picture can take up is much better spent highlighting accolades, certifications and achievements. Save your smile for the interview.
  2. References – Much like a picture, references take up quite a bit of space that can be better served promoting your skillset. We have even seen instances when a reference gives a less than stellar recommendation or a reference has a ‘reputation’ that actually deters from the candidates consideration. Unless you are certain of name recognition via a reference, keep these for later in the process.
  3. Objective – Rather than provide an objective, let the hiring manager determine how your experience could fit the organization. Many times candidates do not update their objective for each job that they apply to and are automatically eliminated due to irrelevant objectives. Do yourself a favor and delete the objective.



Bonus Tip!

Don’t be too creative with your formatting!
Hiring Managers’ eyes are trained to scan resumes for standard formats and, with the responsibility of reviewing hundreds of resumes, might miss out on your vital information due to that ‘creative format’. If you need to demonstrate your creativity for the position utilize hyperlinks or provide a portfolio, but don’t make your resume into a piece of art. Also, use a professional email address. Any kind of inappropriate or unprofessional email address can sometimes be the the wager between getting the job and getting denied.




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